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PRINCE2® Foundation & Practitioner Course

This is our most popular PRINCE2® course. Over 5 days, you’ll learn about the PRINCE2® framework and prepare to sit both the Foundation and Practitioner exams. It’s an ideal solution for anyone who wants to gain both PRINCE2® certifications.

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PRINCE2 Foundation & Practitioner Course Brochure
PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner Course Dublin

PRINCE2® Foundation & Practitioner Training

We offer a convenient PRINCE2® certification solution with this exam preparation style course. We include 5 days classroom or virtual training with our experienced PRINCE2® trainer, course materials and sample exam questions, and both exams and certifications.


5 Days


Who Attends this PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner Course?

PRINCE2® certification is a strong addition to your project management portfolio of qualifications and capabilities. Many organisations use the PRINCE2® methodology for all project work, and require their project managers to understand and be certified in PRINCE2®. We recommend this course for project managers in all industries, at all stages of their career.

PRINCE2® Manual

You will need to purchase a copy of the official AXELOS manual, “Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2® publication, Sixth Edition, AXELOS Limited, Copyright 2017” in advance of training. This is the only additional material you will need to source, and we do not include it so that you can choose from an e-book or physical textbook.

Course Benefits

Benefits of this PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner Course

Understand the PRINCE2® Framework

The style of this course is exam preparation, meaning that the primary objective is to guide and support you in preparing to pass both the Foundation and Practitioner exams. You will also gain an understanding of how PRINCE2® works through covering the course syllabus.

Exam and Certification Included

The cost of both the Foundation and Practitioner exams and certifications is included in your course fee. During training, we prepare you to take both exams.

Intensive Exam Preparation

Our course format is designed to promote a high success rate in both PRINCE2® exams. We equip you with pre-course reading, guide you through the PRINCE2® framework, and give you sample exam questions to guide you on the path to passing.

Training Delivered by Experts

Our PRINCE2® trainers are very experienced and knowledgeable in training and working with the PRINCE2® methodology. They will share the benefit of that experience with you during training.

Course Content

What is Covered During this Course?

Course Format

This is an intensive exam preparation course that takes place over 5 days. Classroom training runs over 5 consecutive days. For virtual training courses, there is a break between Days 1 -3 and Days 4 & 5.

  • Days 1 – 3: PRINCE2® Foundation
  • Days 4 & 5: PRINCE2® Practitioner

Training Objectives

  • Days 1 – 3: You will gain an understanding of the official AXELOS manual, “Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2® publication, Sixth Edition, AXELOS Limited, Copyright 2017”, and be prepared for your Foundation Exam.
  • Days 4 & 5: You will understand how to tailor PRINCE2® to meet the needs of a project scenario, and be ready to sit the Practitioner Exam .

Course Highlights

  • Introduction to PRINCE2®
  • The 7 Principles, Themes and Processes
  • Initiating and planning a PRINCE2® project
  • Executing a PRINCE2® project
  • Tailoring PRINCE2® to project requirements
  • Case study exercises
  • Exam techniques and preparation

Get More Information

This is a brief overview of the course format, objectives and content. You can gain access to the full content instantly by downloading our brochure.

Exams & Cert

Important Information About Your Exams & Certifications

During or following this course, you will sit 2 exams leading to PRINCE2® Certifications. Here is some key information about preparing to pass these exams, and about the certifications.

Passing Your PRINCE2® Exams

This PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner course is exam preparation focused, meaning that every element of training is geared towards supporting you in your exam process.

  • Our classroom training groups will sit their exams during training. The Foundation exam will take place on the afternoon of Day 3 and Practitioner exam on the afternoon of Day 5.
  • Our virtual training groups will schedule and sit their exams outside of training hours.
  • We provide you with pre-course familiarisation reading in advance of training. It is very important that you complete this reading before you attend, as it may impact upon your success in the exams.
  • Pre-course reading generally takes between 5 and 6 hours. This is only a guideline as the reading time varies from person to person.
  • During training, you will need to set aside 2 – 3 hours for study each evening. Again, this is a guideline and you may find that you require a little more or less. To allow for this, we recommend that you keep your evenings during the course as clear of other commitments as possible.
  • Although initially this approach may seem daunting, it’s the most effective way to absorb the material and pass your exams.

Your PRINCE2® Certifications

PRINCE2® Foundation

  • This certification will never expire or need to be renewed.

PRINCE2® Practitioner

  • This certification requires renewal every 3 years.
  • You can renew your Practitioner certification either via AXELOS membership or re-sitting the PRINCE2® Practitioner exam.

More Information About Exams and Certification

You can find more details on this course, including the exams and certification in our brochure. Click “Get Brochure” to instantly view and / or download our PDF brochure.

For Your Team

In-House PRINCE2® Training for Your Team

This PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner course is also available for in-house training, where we come to your location to provide training exclusively to your team.

When Should You Choose In-House Training?

An in-house PRINCE2® training programme is an excellent option if:

    • You have 3 or more candidates for PRINCE2® training and certification.
    • You are looking for the most cost and time-efficient way to train your team.
    • You want to eliminate travel time and costs for your team.
    • You would like to customise the PRINCE2® syllabus to address the focus of your business.
    • You want to achieve a consistent level of PRINCE2® skill and competency across your project teams.

Our In-House Training Process

Start by getting in touch with us. You can reach us by phone at Freephone 1800 910 810 or 01 861 0700 to chat with our training consultants about your team’s PRINCE2® training. If you’d prefer to contact us online, click Get a Quote below.

We will work with you to decide the best dates for your team’s training and determine what kind of content tailoring may be required.

Once dates are confirmed, we’ll provide you and your team with the required pre-course familiarisation reading.

We then come to your location anywhere in Ireland to deliver the training, getting your team on track for PRINCE2® certification.

You’re in Good Company

Trusted for PRINCE2® training by multi-national organisations from a broad spectrum of industries.

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